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    The United Methodist Church turned 50 on April 23, 2018 and the 16th Missouri Annual Conference was held in Springfield June 8-10. Delegates that represented more than 780 Methodist congregations gathered to celebrate, worship, listen, and learn how we make a difference.

    Bishop Bob Farr reminded us of our history and our mission. Delegates received a copy of Bishop Farr’s book Obvious Wisdom.  Chapter 3 is entitled Love People Anyway which reminded me that we are to “love God and others”. Saint Teresa/Mother Teresa said it this way:

        Love Them Anyway

        People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered,
                            Love them anyway.
        If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives,
                            Be kind anyway.
        If you are successful, you will win some false friends and true friends,
                            Succeed anyway.
        The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow,
                            Be good anyway.
        Honesty and frankness will make you vulnerable,
                            Be honest and frank anyway.
        What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight,
                            Build it anyway.
        People need help but may attack you if you try to help them,
                            Help them anyway.
        In the final analysis, it is between you and God
                            It was never between you and them anyway.

    Bishop Farr said: “Loving others helps you love the parts about yourself you don’t care for. It helps you discover how to live out the commandment to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.” (Matthew 22:39)

                                                  Pastor Joan M. Keiser